Doctors Find Medical Jobs in Kenya


Medical jobs in Kenya are available for interested, competent, and qualified South African doctors. One of the amazing benefits of being a medical doctor is having skills that are geographically transportable. South African-trained doctors are often in high demand in other parts of the continent. You may be considering providing your medical services in other parts of Africa (at least for a short term) at some point in your medical career.  Filling one of the available medical jobs in Kenya will not only benefit the health system in the country, but it would also help broaden your experience and contribute immensely to raising standards in the National Health Service upon your return.

The Best Way to Find Medical Jobs in Kenya

As a medical doctor, you can find good medical jobs in Kenya that you qualify for with the assistance of professional recruitment agents like MCR. With the help of professional recruiters you can get access to world class counselling and coaching. This is because these experts possess skills in different career counselling areas, you will be assisted by qualified consultants in making the correct choice; this includes the art of mastering the counter-offer. This way, your bargaining power will get a real boost. You can count on a reputable recruiting agency to ensure the utmost confidentiality when working with you to secure a medical position.

Because competent recruiters are committed to staying abreast of the latest development in the medical field (and other industries) this means you get access to the newest information concerning salaries and trends in your field.

When it comes to finding medical jobs in Kenya suited to your medical talents, skilled recruitment agencies like MCR possess a real understanding of the various medical qualification of each specialty and are committed to seeing that your professional and personal requirements are met.

Work With the Experts!

You will want to work with recruitment consultants that are leaders in their field. MCR’s experience in medical and management placement is top class. What makes this medical recruitment agency standout from the others is the attention it pays to providing a “personal touch” to the recruitment process.

Aside from helping medical professionals find available medical positions in Kenya, a reputable recruiting agent can also help qualified candidates find work in other parts of the world.

When selecting a recruitment agency to work with, be sure to select one with a track record of quality, friendly and professional service. Choose an agency that boasts of a team of experts that are available to help you find good medical jobs in Kenya.

Contact MCR if you want to find work in the medical and management fields, and you need the help of a highly experienced, skilled, friendly, and professional recruitment agency in South Africa. 

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  1. Der Sir/Madam

    I am a South Africa trained Radiologist with SA and UK experience.
    I am interested in working short term in other parts of Africa. Please contact with regard to Radiology positions in Africa and or other geographic domains eg. Carribean.

    DR R Gani

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